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Telefonica: MNC Campaign

Another win for Telefonica

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UK Team Building Employee Roadshow 1,700 staff over 9 locations

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TikTok & You

TikTok. It can sound like a daunting idea, strategically and in terms of implementation. Will we engage with the right audience? Is this the right platform for us? Isn’t TikTok for ‘cool’ companies? The truth is, TikTok – used in…

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Future-proofing your business

How do you future-proof your business? COVID-19 shocked the system and taught many of us how important it is to be adaptable and resilient within your business. Whilst this comes at a cost, future-proofing is crucial to business growth and…

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PURSUIT wins contract with Telefonica Business Solutions

Pursuit was selected for its expertise, speed and accuracy Telefonica needed to address marketing communications with its top Enterprise and Multinational customers in 2 core ways: Reactively (responding to RFP/Bid) and Proactively (lifecycle communication management, message seeding, leading to a…

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