Taking control of the sales funnel to increase pipeline by 25% for Peoplesafe

Peoplesafe is one of the UK’s leading providers of employee personal security solutions. Its apps include emergency response, crisis communications and personal locators to help protect lone and remote workers. Peoplesafe has an ambitious growth strategy built on targeting net new sales, most of which are generated via digital channels.

As such it was essential both marketing and sales worked together to ensure a smooth process through the sales funnel. However, the martech stack was relatively new and not offering the insight the business needed to inform investment decisions – especially in marketing. As part of a wider review into marketing, Pursuit was tasked with reviewing and solving this challenge for the business.


At Pursuit, we put data above almost everything else, so we completed a full audit to understand exactly what information the company needed and the sources available.

This included:

Defining different marketing and sales qualification criteria and working with the sales and internal IT team to assign every customer with an agreed qualification.

Working with the sales teams to agree lead scoring criteria and activating those criteria in the CRM system.

Working with an external specialist to cleanse and remove duplicate data, and identify data gaps, which were then handed to the internal telemarketing team to research and fill.

Identified and benchmarked the company conversion ratio for each part of the sales funnel in order to identify areas of concern and also to understand how many leads needed to be generated in order to achieve financial objectives.

This helped inform the business case for increased marketing investment. Built reporting dashboards so that the senior leadership could see ‘at a glance’ the health of the pipeline and assess risk, as well as justify increases in marketing spend. Pursuit then worked with the sales teams to agree lead ownership at each stage of the funnel and to define point of handover to ensure no leads were lost. This process documented and automated in the CRM system so that all leads could be assigned and tracked. 

Finally, Pursuit worked with Peoplesafe to develop a series of marketing campaigns to test the new processes. This included a telemarketing campaign to target those with high lead scores, and developing automated drip campaigns to move prospects along the sales funnel, as well as uplifting the digital advertising to top up the sales funnel. 


Peoplesafe now had end to end visibility of their sales funnel, with clear and agreed allocation of ownership. What’s more, the data provided an unprecedented level of insight into the buyer journey. 

Customers could be targeted effectively with relevant and timely communications and could be measured and tracked for efficiency. This project enabled full accountability for the pipeline, the ability to define ROI across both sales and marketing, and enabled Peoplesafe to offer evidence-based insight for future investment cases.

25% INCREASE in pipeline activity tracked through reporting

60,000 LEADS in CRM cleansed and assigned qualification level

Additional telemarketing resource hired based on insight provided

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A truly amazing performance in a challenging time. Sales is all about consistency and that is what we now see. It culminated in the best net RMR month the business has ever had, which is a fantastic way to end the calendar year.
Nazish Dossa, CEO Peoplesafe