About Us

Creative thinkers. Dependable doers 

We’ve got a crack team of the best, brightest and most creative from North America to South East Asia and everywhere in between. We’re a melting pot of experience united by a passion for producing big ideas for great clients.

We’re Pursuit.

Meet the team

Lucy Savage-Mountain

The designer – yes that’s her name.

When she’s not on her paddle board, this Brighton belle enjoys pulling up her sleeves and flexing her creative muscle.

Lucy loves taking the teams big ideas and running with them, she consistently prioritises beautiful design that works hard for our clients.

Kelvin Downer | Loves helping teams thrive

The Team Coach

Kelvin loves helping people improve relationships with the people they work with and have better conversations with the customers they talk to.

He helps them create better experiences that matter. Whether it’s your people, your customers, or your prospects. He can help you engage with the right message, at the right time, in the right way, so that you see better results.

He’s an expert marketeer and a successful team coach, with over 20 years experience in B2B marketing communications across the public & private sector.

Liz Stout | PR & media

Loves dogs & debates

A comms strategist with over 20 years of experience in the consumer media space, started out writing for national newspapers and magazines. Has an acute awareness of tone and helped retail brands define theirs. Comes up with engaging campaigns with a commercial eye and a finely tuned set of digital marketing skills. With a bulging book of media contacts can consult on PR projects, bringing experience from all sides of the desk.

Lara Ros | The Social Guru

Loves film photography

A talented photographer who has shot stunning images across the globe, with every shot worth at least ten thousand words. Lara is always able to discover a fresh and engaging way to capture & tell your story.

Lara’s business background and experience has led her to finding passion in brand strategy, transformation and execution.

Christina Akihary | Ms Admin

Obsessive about the little things

Fluent in customer service as well as Spanish. Christina has a great eye for detail and is super organised. Supporting our teams with everything they need to help our great clients. She has a wonderful attitude and clients love her easy-going professional approach to managing their projects.

Joel Beckett | The director

Loves vespa’s

With Eastenders and The Office behind him, Joel has become an experienced media professional and has written and directed many projects over the years ranging from professional videos to training films. With his background in acting, Joel specialises in getting the most from the actors he works with and in bringing corporate messages to life with comedy and drama.

Liz Wren

The Coach

Highly competitive in her early adult life, Liz competed in athletic multi-events to international level, at the same time as designing and selling ‘designer’ sports kit. Her first career was in advertising and branding, eventually running her own consultancy.

Since this she has been in demand coaching and mentoring a large number of company owners and directors. Noticing the challenges business owners face in maintaining strong, generative relationships in the face of continual change, she trained as a systemic team coach. She now works with teams facilitating performance and growth.

Sarah McCarthy | Wordsmith

Loves walking in nature & wildlife conservation

Forget ‘kooky’ ideas that need to be tamed or ‘bog-standard’ communications that blend into the background. Sarah is a creative with a business background. (Hallelujah!) Using her creative skills, she conceptualises magnetic ideas that engage the audience. Then, using her business brain, she translates business jargon into straightforward, compelling copy. The result? Company communications that positively impact on the bottom line.

Paul Chappell

The Scribe

Half Illustrator and half Savant, who brings three decades of invaluable Advertising and Marketing Agency experience to the table. As the demand for easily absorbable information swells, Paul has turned his eagle-eyed focus to high-end live drawings and scribing. His innate sense of visualization when creating these rich pictures is a stunning advantage in bringing the most mundane of subjects to life.

Gerard Brown | The Conceptualist

Loves big ideas, will tolerate small ones:)

Gerard Brown is a big ideas kinda guy. He’s certainly our kinda guy. He’ll almost definitely be your kinda guy too. Boasting an impressive 25 years of experience as a creative and content director, Gerard always seeks to combine his background in theatre and television with an unquenchable passion for narrative. A specialist in helping companies tell their own unique stories, Gerard has acted as chief storyteller for a wide variety of international clients.

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