Helping Peoplesafe bring their vision to life

Peoplesafe’s mission is to change the world of the ‘loneworker’ safety for the better and we’re thrilled to be part of that change process and their upward trajectory.

We’ve been working closely, coaching the SLT to define their core values and behaviours that will achieve their vision for success and clarifying their compelling purpose to best serve and deliver value for all their stakeholders and the wider system.

At Pursuit, we believe in the old adage ‘a picture says a thousand words’. So we worked with Peoplesafe to create a rich picture, visually representing how a personalised, people-led service is at the heart of their company. 

Sometimes your product is simple, it’s the richer, intangible value you offer to both customers and employees which is difficult to articulate.  

Peoplesafe offer a number of app products that help companies keep their employees safe. A premium product operating in a highly competitive marketplace, the company was struggling to differentiate, to bring their value to life.

It tells story after story, and is now used both as a sales tool to engage new customers and as a employee engagement tool to help induct new employees and introduce them to the Peoplesafe culture.

We are very much looking forward to building momentum and being part of the journey ahead.

Listen to CEO of Peoplesafe on how it was working with Pursuit

I really like working with Pursuit, one because they are very flexible in the way they work, They are quick to understand your business requirements and quick to get under the skin of the softer skills that will be need for the exec team in order to get the maximum output. You’ll get a shot of energy through your team, it really brings people together so you get that teamwork effect, and then you get the boost of being energised and enthused.
Nazish Dossa, CEO Peoplesafe