Discovery Workshops

We’ll help you define your business, strategic and people goals delivering answers and tangible results.


Using actors is a real differentiator in training and development, leading to better communication, teamwork, and productivity.

Actors create real-life scenarios where individuals can see and experience the nuances of each behavioural style, allowing them to learn how to adapt their own communication and behaviour to work more effectively with others. 

This training method is engaging and memorable, which leads to better retention of the concepts and skills learned. Additionally, using actors allows for more nuanced and complex scenarios to be created, where individuals can experience situations where individuals with different behavioural styles are in conflict or where misunderstandings occur due to communication differences. 

This helps individuals recognise and navigate similar situations in their own work environments, leading to improved communication and collaboration within teams. Moreover, using actors helps individuals develop more empathy and understanding for others by seeing the world through the eyes of someone with a different behavioural style, leading to better outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction for individuals and teams. 

HOW: Action learning, inclusive, interactive and experiential, as people learn by doing. 
Supported by models and theory from key thought leaders in the field of leadership. 

WHO: Leadership and systemic coaches will guide the process, encourage disruptive thinking 
and cognitive diversity with all voices being heard to deliver results. 


1. Clarity of purpose and commitment from all stakeholders to the roadmap ahead

2. Design a Team alliance on positive behaviours all stakeholders will commit and are accountable to

3. Actionable outcomes agreed by all present – leader, individual and departmental buy-in 

4. Scribe rich picture of the agreed strategy and business roadmap ahead 

Virtual, office based or offsite. We provide scope of works, introduction, briefing and prep work, to distribute prior to the workshop. Ideal numbers approx. up to 12 people

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Naz Dossa, CEO


You’ll get a shot of energy through your team . I’ve worked with Kelvin a lot before, I like the fact that he quickly gets deep into the business and is able to pinpoint and suggest ideas that really resonate very quickly.

Christa Norton, Head of Demand & Portfolio Marketing


Over the years I’ve bought  them in to give us that boost, that shot of adrenalin and focus on our growth ambitions and team cohesion that they deliver every time.  

Andy Nelson, Head of Banking & Finance Markets


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any business that wants to rethink their business and people strategy and be future fit.”