Putting people at the heart of the business

The challenge

Capita IT Services needed to transform its business. Low brand awareness and an undefined proposition meant its sales teams struggled to differentiate or compete in the marketplace, whilst its complex and often conflicting internal structure meant that even existing customers didn’t know how to engage with the business.

Pursuit was tasked with creating a clear, compelling value proposition that would resonate with both Capita’s customers and its people, and offer an authentic point of differentiation.

Pursuit really opened our eyes to just how important service was to our customers – far beyond the technology itself. And because our insight came directly from our customers and our people, we knew it was irrefutable. It was a very powerful proposition, made even more impactful by its sheer simplicity. Pursuit delivered an incredibly elegant project.
Christa Norton, Head of Marketing, CAPITA IT Services

The strategy

We undertook in depth research with Capita’s customers and people – listening to over 60 hours of insight, perspective and some great anecdotes.

It told us that it was Capita’s service was its real strength, that customers trusted Capita because its people could always be relied on.

And that led us to our value proposition: Here for you.

It’s a simple statement that was unlike anything in the jargon-heavy IT market but which – in an age where no business can afford downtime – cut through to the heart of customer concerns. A simple promise to be there when needed, no matter what.

60+ hrs
of interviews
senior executives
positive feedback

The results

We launched the new value proposition along with a new brand identity to over 150 senior executives at an event that focused entirely on the concept of service. This event was then replicated across the country so that all employees could hear and understand the messaging.

We developed Charters for both customers and for people – so that everyone could understand what this proposition meant to them on a personal level.

And we created a full suite of collateral to help the sales teams take the message to market across all channels, supporting their work with targeted campaigns across LinkedIn.

CEO on what Here for You stands for

Listen to the senior leadership team on what Here for You means to the business and its customers.

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