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How do you ensure the behaviour of your people reflects the values you believe in? And that your customer experience is delivered more consistently, internally and externally everyday.

High-performing companies have high-performing teams. Outstanding teams are often created and cultivated, so it is no accident that some groups perform better than others. 

Our team-building tool Dexplores the traits that make independently talented people come together to form a team culture.

Teams and organisatons that embrace D3 can experience improved communication, stronger relationships, higher levels of productivity and creativity, reduced stress, and greater results.

DISC Personality Profile Assessments: Understanding Yourself and Others

Personality assessments have been a popular tool for individuals and organizations to better understand themselves and others. The DISC Personality Profile is one such assessment that has been widely used for personal and professional development.

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. These four dimensions are used to describe an individual’s behavior and communication style. The DISC assessment provides insights into how people tend to approach tasks, interact with others, handle stress, and make decisions.

Dominance (D) is the dimension that describes a person’s tendency to take charge and make decisions quickly. People with a high D score are typically confident, assertive, and independent. They are results-oriented and often seen as decisive and bold.

Influence (I) is the dimension that describes a person’s ability to communicate effectively and persuade others. People with a high I score are often outgoing, sociable, and optimistic. They enjoy being the center of attention and have a strong desire to be liked by others.

Steadiness (S) is the dimension that describes a person’s tendency to be reliable, patient, and calm. People with a high S score are often easy-going, supportive, and empathetic. They value stability and consistency in their personal and professional lives.

Conscientiousness (C) is the dimension that describes a person’s tendency to be detail-oriented, organized, and analytical. People with a high C score are often methodical, thorough, and precise. They value accuracy and seek to understand the underlying reasons behind things.

It is important to note that DISC is not a measure of one’s intelligence, abilities, or worth as a person. Rather, it is a tool to help individuals understand and appreciate their own natural tendencies and those of others. By understanding these tendencies, individuals can improve their communication and collaboration skills, resolve conflicts more effectively, and build stronger relationships with others.

In conclusion, the DISC Personality Profile is a useful tool for personal and professional development. By gaining a deeper understanding of one’s own DISC style, as well as the styles of others, individuals can improve their communication and relationships, increase their effectiveness in various situations, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Watch our actors perform the different DISC personalities getting into a lift

DISC is a valuable tool for sales managers looking to improve the performance of their teams. By using DISC assessments to better understand each team member, sales managers can tailor their management style, set goals, and provide coaching and development opportunities to help each person reach their full potential.

Who’s it for? What are the benefits?



YOU…Better sales conversations, build relationships faster, adapt behaviours to 
sales environments and thrive in a competitive dialogue

BUSINESS…Emotionally intelligent salesforce, increased opportunities, genuine positive perception of your business

CUSTOMER…Trusted, long-term relationships, easy to do business with, win-win



Team more than myself & my preferences, understanding what makes people different

Stronger, deeper customer relationships

Better service, happier, more proactive



Understanding make up & motivation needs of my team, strengths and weakness gaps

Improve performance and reduce silos

Better, more cohesive experience, better communications

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