TikTok & You

Posted: 3 Apr, 2023 in News.

TikTok. It can sound like a daunting idea, strategically and in terms of implementation. Will we engage with the right audience? Is this the right platform for us? Isn’t TikTok for ‘cool’ companies?

The truth is, TikTok – used in the proper context – can offer considerable benefits to any company. The platform has amassed over 3 billion downloads in its four short years, and there’s no surprise why. The ability to showcase your team, encourage user-generated content, push out content via ADs and even use influencer-created content if that works for your company is brilliant. In addition, the platform has the potential to attract young talent. So if you’re a customer-centric company, TikTok is for you.

Customer Research

Today, companies are using TikTok to their advantage with analytics as a form of customer research. The days of survey-based CX measurements look like they’re behind us. Surveys can’t unlock people’s feelings the way that videos can. Research processes can include self-captured videos to amplify the voice of the consumer (VOC), and leveraging TikTok’s model of short-form video is a brilliant way to do so. 

User-generated content

Also known as UGC, it is a brilliant way to promote your products. Whether you are a consumer who enjoys good quality content or potential customers getting to know a brand, TikTok can be a way to move leads along the sales funnel, and the ability to capture genuine opinions and recommendations via video is unmatched. 


TikTok’s ad platform makes promoting your business easy, accessible, and cheap. Whilst you can pay to boost your content, the organic growth of company TikTok accounts works just as well. Take, for example, Ryanair, the European-based airline that has become one of the most successful brands on social media. One of their TikTok’s got 11.3 million views as a piece of content that took minutes to create on one of their aircraft. Ryanair isn’t using TikTok to hard sell; they are using it to promote the brand, change the corporate tone of voice, and reach a broader audience. 

Influencer-created content.

The TikTok model of short-form video has been taken full advantage of by creators, and many have made careers as influencers from the newly created platform. Take, for example, 17-year-old Charli D’Amelio. Her first video went viral in June 2019, and she is now the highest-paid TikTok star amassing 17.5 million USD in 2021

Attracting young talent 

Employer branding can be positively affected by TikTok. Steering clear of the overly traditional corporate tone of voice and recruitment methods via TikTok’s platform, where 43% of users are between 18-24

If you have not used TikTok before, we’d suggest giving it a go. It’s great.