Capita Credentials

How keeping Capita IT and Network ‘behind the scenes’ helped raise awareness

Despite being the largest provider of IT Services to the public sector – and the 5th largest overall in the UK, a company-wide brand audit revealed that Capita had very low awarenessin the IT marketplace.

In keeping with the new brand positioning of ‘Better outcomes’, Capita commissioned Pursuit to develop and film a that brought to life how it is helping organisations, teams and individuals across the UK every day.

The objective was to demonstrate the scale, scope and innovation of our work, yet remain humble, positioning Capita as an enabler to other businesses. This was especially important as Capita supports many public sector organisations.

Pursuit developed a concept of ‘Behind the scenes’ and gave the film a cinematic feel that at once was both personal and aspirational. The video was used on the corporate website andalso formed the centre of a social credentials campaign that saw a 23% uplift in traffic to the site.

Pursuit were easy to work with and helped us articulate with speed and accuracy our value to our customers.
Mark Boorman, Head of Marketing, Connectivity – Capita Networking Solutions