BMW Sydney

Helping BMW create customer delight

In an increasingly competitive market, BMW realised that its dealerships needed to create something special in order to deliver that premium experience its customers expected from its brand.

The key was to delight its customers. And that meant the team needed to stop thinking like car dealers and look around at how other organisations – especially those in the retail and hospitality sectors were creating memorable, premium experiences.

Pursuit created campaign designed to inspire the BMW team and help them understand the essence of a great experience. We interviewed and filmed customer experience leads from some of the most influential and innovative companies such as Claridges, John Lewis and TalkTalk, asking them to share their stories on how they took their experience to the next level.

These videos formed the foundation of a two day convention run and managed by Pursuit which brought together BMW teams from across the globe to explore what great service would mean specifically for BMW and to share ideas about implementing consistently across every dealership.

The changing customer

Thank you so much for your hard work and support last week ­ and of course in the preceding weeks too. According to each Dealer Principal I spoke to during the event, it ranks as one of the best ever delivered by BMW, if not the very best ­ and your hard work was clearly instrumental in achieving this
Chris Brownridge, BMW Group UK