Ditching the powerpoint to enable a great performance for KCOM

Background and challenge

As part of a transformative growth strategy, KCOM was targeting a new, multi million pound Contact Centre deal with BUPA. But in a crowded tender situation, KCOM new they needed to differentiate their bid from the start – and grab the attention of everyone in the room.


Pursuit worked with the KCOM to identify the win pillars – themes that were distinctly non technical, that would speak everyone’s language. ‘People, Partnerships, Performance’ was born.

Next, we ditched the powerpoint! Nothing loses an audience – even a technical one – faster than jargon and hundreds of words on a slide. 

We all know that a picture tells a thousand words. So we used visual storytelling to take the audience on a journey and clearly demonstrate the benefits for the customer and their end customer.


Our ‘People, Partnerships, Performance’ message meant KCOM could show how their solution would help the customer meet their strategic objectives, and allowed KCOM to successfully compete on outcomes, not on cost.

And because we trained the people who were presenting, they were able to deliver the entire bid tender with just a single picture. Not only that, the team at Bupa were on their feet and interacting with the picture, demonstrating clear engagement.

Working with Pursuit allowed us not only to talk about the difference we make, but demonstrate it through our presentations and thinking
George Roberts, Bid Lead, KCOM