Another win for Orange Business Services

Speed and accuracy of delivery was key to winning.

Working closely with the senior bid & delivery team, Pursuit was quickly able to understand the value Orange Business Services had to offer the client. A compelling proposition was created: ‘When it comes to chemistry…sometimes it just feels right’ really connect with the client, bring the two companies together. We took to anserwring all the difficult questions upfront in a beautifully designed Exec summary, that was printed using bespoke lay flat binding, wrapped in tissue and boxed up like a luxury box of chocolates. This wa sent to stakeholders across the globe.

It’s fair to say the response was positive, very positive. The rest in history…

Pursuit really understood what the sales team were trying to convey to the prospect during the bid phase. They came up with a great concept both graphically – showing the brands were intertwined – and also with in the subject matter – by answering the key concerns of the prospect in a very simple informative way
Katie Bathgate, Head of Marketing for Europe at Orange Business Services