PURSUIT wins contract with Telefonica Business Solutions

Posted: 13 Apr, 2022 in News.

Pursuit was selected for its expertise, speed and accuracy

Telefonica needed to address marketing communications with its top Enterprise and Multinational customers in 2 core ways: Reactively (responding to RFP/Bid) and Proactively (lifecycle communication management, message seeding, leading to a bid response or proactive offer, expected within a 12-18 month period).

In both cases, the expertise and the agility of an agency was required for the provision of services across different countries, languages, with multiple versions of collateral including film, print, animations, presentations and coaching services.

Pursuits track record in winning bids, deep sector knowledge in the SI and Telco sector, coupled with its experience in supporting global clients such as BMW and John Deere across EU and beyond was a key decision factor in appointing the agency.

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